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Cat Health Care

Cat Health Problems And Cat Care Tips
Find Cat Health Solutions!

If you have cat health questions, we have some helpful answers. Many cat health problems can be easily be avoided with a little attention to good cat care and will extend the life of your pet. Not to mention that you can also save money on veterinary bills too. Although most cats are strong and independent pets, they still need your help to stay healthy and fit.

The best way to keep your cat healthy is exercise, access to fresh water, and nutritious food. Many Feline health care problems can be totally eliminated by these basics. Even if your cat stays indoors, make sure they have toys and a proper cat scratching post. Something as simple as a rolled up sock or small ball to roll around can keep your cat amused for hours and give them the necessary exercise to stay healthy.

Try to keep the table scraps and cat treats to a minimum and always keep any toxic materials safely stored away. Good cat health care is all about proper feeding and providing a safe environment. Indoor plants seem to be a favorite of some cats so pay attention to what plants you have out and make sure they are harmless.

But there are cat health issues that come up due to outside influences such as accidents, eating the wrong item, or fighting with other cats. If you have an outdoor cat, chances are good you will have some adventures involving all three of these types of situations. And if you have a multi-cat household, basic cat care issues come up often.

If you have any good cat care advice, cat care, or kitten care tips, please send us details and we'll be happy to post it on our site. Any good advice on common cat health issues is always welcome. If you have any cat health questions not already answered, please submit them. And any good recommendations on any cats health care issues, cat health problems, cat grooming, or home remedies are welcome.

We have three sections on different categories of health questions for felines. Cat Health Tips, Cat Care, and Cats As Pets. Each section has information to help you deal with your cat and the many aspects of pet ownership. We do plan on adding some more specific breed information soon with special cat health answers addressed for particular breeds.

We also have some great home recipes for Healthy Homemade Cat Food and Treats that you can make for your cat. The Healthy Homemade Cat Food Recipes are in PDF format (Adobe Reader) and can be downloaded from our Cat Books and Cat Resources web page. There are also several articles on Cat Food that can help you decide what's the best cat food for your pet.

It's not quite Fleas Season yet but in the warmer climates it can be an all year battle. Due to our extremely cold winter, 2014 should be better than the past few years since a hard freeze kills a lot of the dormant flea eggs. But once the warm spring weather and rain comes I have no doubt the will make up for lost time.

We thought we would put up a quick video on some successful ways to get rid of the little flea devils. There are some good natural ways that can help keep fleas out of your house and yard too. The key to long term success is to both kill the fleas on your pets and their environment.

It's still Flea season here in South Texas and the commercial products are failing to keep the fleas off our cats. However we did find some good solutions and you can read more about them here: Cat Fleas.

Sick Cat Symptoms - Caution! 

This website (or any other website for that matter) can not do a proper diagnoses of any serious cat health problems because they can't physically examine the cat. Our website can answer many general cat health questions but cannot diagnosis specific problems. The web is a great place to do research on cats health problems symptoms, get help on prevention, and general cat care. But it should never be used as a replacement for emergency treatment of a serious medical condition or illness by a trained professional. If your cat is exhibiting any of the following cat illness  symptoms, you should immediately seek professional medical treatment from a local veterinarian. 

  • not eating or drinking in the past 18 hours
  • A normally social cat displays abnormal behavior like hissing,
    hiding, and/or seeking dark places to hide.
  • Vomiting beyond the occasional hairball or eating too fast
  • Showing signs of breathing improperly or coughing continuously.

Any of these cat symptoms can indicate a serious and even life threatening illness or injury to your cat. Knowing your cat's normal behavior and noticing any serious deviation is a sure sign of a serious medical issue. Many cats don't exhibit cat health symptoms until the situation is past any normal treatments and will require some quick action on your part to remedy the situation. We highly recommend you seek professional medical help as soon as possible if your cat exhibits any of the cat illness symptoms above. 

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The content on this site is presented only for informational purposes and does not replace medical advice from a practicing veterinarian.
The contents on this site are not presented from a licensed veterinarian, and any and all health care for your pet should be made under the 
guidance of your own veterinarian.

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